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At least one person on a walk should carry a working mobile phone for use in emergencies.


If needed you should call 999.


If you have a poor signal you can try sending a text (you will need to register first to use this - text 'register' to 999).You need to know where you are - the call handler will not be able to tell. If texting for help include all the key details, but remember a voice call will be dealt with quicker so try this first and only try a text if you cannot get through.


When abroad in EU countries and some others, 112 will get you the local emergency services.112 will also work in the UK but will simply connect you to 999, it offers no advantages over 999.


To quote your location verbally or in a text you will need an app that functions without a mobile data signal. Ordnance Survey's OS Locate or What3Words fulfils that criterion, as does the many mapping apps that operate 'offline'. What3Words interrogates the phone's GPS and provides a three word 'code' denoting a 3m x 3m square, for example Stourbridge Clock would be 'waddled.asking.gains', OS Locate, on the other hand, gives a 6 figure OS grid reference for a 100m x 100m square, SO 900 844 for the same location. You can also now use What3Words with the AA in a vehicle breakdown situation.

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