Rights of Way


In order to report a problem with a Right of Way, please select the appropriate county and provide the details requested. You will need sufficient details to enable the local authority to identify where the problem is, ideally a grid reference.

For other counties please go to the web site for that county and look for Rights of Way Reports.

You can also report Rights of Way problems via the Ramblers web site.


In addition they have an App you can download to a smartphone that facilitates reporting. It can detect where you are and you can add photos whilst in the field.

When you have received all the various reference numbers for each County Council contacted (you will often receive a 2nd reference number 2 or 3 days later) would you please pass these with brief details of the complaint to our ROW secretary Peter Brown so he can monitor progress on all complaints submitted. He is constantly in touch with the PROW departments at most of the County Councils we deal with. Would you also please, when making a complaint add SHFRC after your name to identify us to the County Councils. (This includes details of submissions to the Ramblers Pathwatch as well).

Damaged Stile
Crops Over Path
Damaged Footbridge